How I spent my Christmas Holiday Break

nye-2016 three-beaches-in-three-days three-stops-one-day

Top Row:

Dec 30 : bell practice with the adult choir preparing to go to NY and Toronto in June 2017 followed by a drive to the airport to pick up my little sister (it was her birthday so then we went out for dinner.)

Dec 31: walk on the beach with my friend Laurie who left that afternoon.

Second Row:

I bought a “groupon” coupon for a hotel stay while my mom and sister were here.  Because the Rose Bowl was featuring Penn State and I wanted to watch and sleep if need be. We stopped by the Mar Chiquita beach on the way there. On Tuesday, we hit the Arecibo Observatory (not pictured) and CrashBoat beach in Aguadilla (pictured center) and on Wednesday we got to Luquillo beach in time to spend 4 hours swimming, chilling in the shade and hammock sleeping.

Third row:

On their last day here, we drove up to the rainforest because Sally wanted to play in waterfalls.  She found one while mom and I waited in the car reading out books beside the road.  After lunch, we went to Rosie Roads (closed) and did some swimming.  Sally jumped off the battleship pier and the final picture is her helping mom into the ocean.

They left on Friday, January 6.  That day, we drove mom to the airport for a 7:30 a.m. check in time. Sally and I went for breakfast and then we opted to go to the beach.  Have beach chair, will use it. I hung up a hammock and snoozed while she wandered the beach and used the chair for a few hours. Took her to the airport for a 12:30 drop off, then I returned to the beach to await the arrival of Lora, our dorm  counselor, at 2:50 – 3:30 ish.

My LAST serious BEACH time for a little while.  It’s now time to do this and get the classroom prepped.  Christmas decorations are mostly in boxes – except for those we just picked up at 80% off sales in the stores – those need to be stored for 11 months from now!

Happy New Year!

My next post I will tell you about the books I read while beaching these days.  I am again addicted to reading.  Thank God my Kindle is still firing my brain!


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