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flowers-2017-01Friday, I was having a brief crisis trying to figure out how to address a student who had NOT done the assigned homework but HAD DONE the extra homework. I was torn between “HOORAY YOU DID MORE!”  and “What!? You didn’t do this?”

I suppose most of you know this feeling from LIFE.

I did what I normally do… go for a walk. First I walked to the staff room bathroom but the toilet was sitting outside on the grass (being repaired).  I asked Tess in the office to keep an eye on the classroom (only 3 students had come on Friday) and went upstairs to my home bathroom.  On the way, I saw a nest that I wanted to show Larimar. So as I was returning, I signaled Juan to bring the camera and his classmates and come.

We checked out the nest and then walked around seeing how the parcha vine grows tendrils that grasp, how the lizards blend in with the tree trunks (center photo – can YOU see the lizard on the tree?), and how bananas grow inside each petal of the banana flower.

Mid-way through our walk, I sent the student who had NOT done the assigned homework to the classroom to do that homework.  It was finished when we arrived back 5 minutes later and we were able to move on to Spanish.

This year I am trying out DUOLINGO classroom for Spanish.  With 6 students each in their own level of understanding print languages, it is challenging to teach Spanish in a way that engages each of my students. The Duoling app has been an interesting experiment. I have been learning, that’s for sure! And I see my students retaining new vocabulary as well.

This month, we’ve had plenty of visitors and because of them, I have renewed my tradition of after work visits to the beach.  I took Jason, a visitor who had never SEEN a beach before.  I invited Maria along – she’d been home in the mountains over Christmas and was excited to be back at the beach. Yesterday, Judy from New Zealand went along with me. We chatted until we got “cold” then I went for a swim and she went for a walk.

For those who cannot come along with me, here a picture!

playa-azul-2017-01Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying along!


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  1. Very interesting. GOD has sure blessed you with many talents.. I pray for you always…
    Just lean on HIS everlasting ARMS!!! I know you do..

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