orchids-feb-2017February is on its way to ending… well, another 11 days anyway. We are in the month of crisp and unclouded skies as the sun is making its way north again having summered in the southern hemisphere these recent months and returning for summering in the northern hemisphere in a few more months. It’s an amazing progression that only a creative God could have fashioned… this method of telling time by the movement of a planet around a star…

This is our long weekend for February – Presidents’ Day is Monday and we do not have classes 🙂 I have plans with friends for lunch on Monday and some time for hanging out and relaxing.

This month, I have been less in the classroom as I have been having a skin issue. Seems I am allergic to tea tree oil.  I was using that to treat a spot on my arm and the spot kept growing so I kept spreading the tea tree oil. Finally, I went to a dr.  who prescribed antibiotics… and the mess kept being painful and worsening.  I went to a dermatologist who said, “Stop everything and use THIS cream.”  I did and everything cleared up in 4 days. Seriously. I am now dealing with new skin, shedding dead skin and happy that my swollen arms and neck are back to regular shapes and sizes.

God knows all kinds of things.  He sent Judy (from New Zealand) in time to cover my classroom while I have been out doing some business chores and medical appointments.  This coming week, she will be doing 2 out of 4 days for me – allowing me to attend a professional development meeting on Wednesday and an eye doctor appointment on Thursday. Thank God for retired teachers who are willing and able to serve. She’s been a blessing to me as she accompanies me in the classroom and challenges me to do better.

Judy was not so keen on the paper airplane challenge today. Only two little boys were in class and so we tailored our day to their interests, doing some math and some active thinking and learning with hands-on activities. That’s ok.  Not everyone is an aviation techno-person.  I only succeeded because I learned to make the BASIC paper airplane as a first year teacher 🙂  Totally beat the patterns we pulled out of the paper airplane box kit today!

I’ve been reading Psalms this month.  Gaining peace and strength from God’s Word is such a blessing. Somewhere, I was challenged with the question – What do you long for?

Psalm 84 reminds me :

My soul longs, yes, even faints
For the courts of the Lord;
My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

I missed several church meetings due to my swollen ugly sore skin.  Yep.  I was longing for that time with God’s people. Wednesday night, I arrived to church ready to take the children out for class when I was told that someone else was practicing with them for the program on Sunday.  I was so blessed to SIT in the service and soak in the Word as it was taught.

Please, go there.  Go sit in a church and listen.  If there is silence, listen to that.  If there is speaking, listen to that.  But go.  Sit. Listen.




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