i asked for guidance

Last night, due to an unforeseen yet predicted event, (if that is possible), I prayed for God to show me what to DO.

Oh, God is so faithful.

First He brought to my mind the story of the 99 sheep and the 1 who strayed.  The shepherd in the story pursued the stray and brought it home where it was nurtured and medicated and helped to recovery and rejoin the flock.  Sweet story.

So I understood, go find the lamb.

This morning, my Bible reading led me to the passages about GO to the one you have offended and go to the one who has offended you. Operative word being GO.  (see Matthew 5:23-24; 18:15-17). Of course the devotional reading added Go QUICKLY.

So I understood, GO quickly and find the lamb.

But my co-teacher was sick today.  I am getting sick too.  AND a male co-worker had expressed a burden last night to GO and there was a father of students to talk to so I asked two men to go. And they did.

I read another devotional book that is focused on Lent just now.  Guess what I read?  Matthew 18:21-35 – FORGIVE.

Ah yes.  God reinforced for me in many ways His perspective on this situation and my role in it. I spent much of the past 24 hours in prayer as I worked.

God has worked and answered. The parents in this situation are in favor of their children being with us in school.  There are other factors.  Pray with us for these hurdles to be torn down.  Pray that He Who IS our peace and Who has broken down every wall (Ephesians 2:14) will break down the obstacles remaining so that we may see more Deaf children learn of His peace.



  1. This encouraging how God is leading and guide you in this situation. I will pray with you regarding this matter.

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