growing in humility

Hello from here!

So much has been happening around me and so little of it is FUN. Of course today, I read something like trials and obstacles are opportunities for us to GROW in God’s Grace. I feel like Spring is happening in me! I am being showered with obstacles and trials and my soul is being stretched in new and interesting ways.  Pray for those things to bring forth the Fruit of His Spirit (and not to be thwarted by the reluctance of my spirit to respond).

In addition to ALL of that, my white torch flowers are blooming! And so are my students. My smallest boy who is not the youngest of the boys is learning lickety-split.  Making me very disturbed that in his years in public school classes he had not been taught to read more than one word at a time or to write sentences.  His enthusiasm for learning has joined with the other students and they are all keeping up with an unusual amount of vocabulary learning on a weekly basis. We have been studying ADJECTIVES and the students’ writings are reflecting more thoughtfulness about things.  WOOHOO!

Recently, we have had spring visitors – including TWO sets of David and Mary.  One whose last name is Chase and the other whose last name is Williamson.  The Chase set left yesterday after a week’s visit. While they were here, we had a progressive dinner (two photos below) around the school grounds.  It ended on the Williamson porch with dessert 🙂 Fun fun fun!  Even the dogs participated when they could.

Right now, I am in my classroom. School is closed for the week of Holy Week.  Dave Williamson is knocking off ceiling cement before it falls by its own free will (he is a noisy worker and I am so thankful for that!)  In the quiet of this week, (the noisy work starts after 10 a.m. – I am so thankful for that too!) I have been reading more and reading more quietly in the mornings.

Monday after quiet morning #1, I had lunch with the Chases before their airport drive followed by meetings with my staff to discuss this and that.  Tuesday after quiet morning #2, I drove 4 of us to visit students in the Orocovis region  – geographic heart and center of the island. That was an all day affair.

Today, quiet morning #3 led me to ask God for a specific answer. I turned to Isaiah 66 just “by chance” asking God to lead me to an answer.

This is the Lord’s declaration.
I will look favorably on this kind of person:
one who is humble, and trembles at My word.
3 One slaughters an ox, one kills a man;
one sacrifices a lamb, one breaks a dog’s neck;
one offers a grain offering, one offers pig’s blood;
one offers incense, one praises an idol —
all these have chosen their ways
and delight in their detestable practices
4 So I will choose their punishment,
and I will bring on them what they dread
because I called and no one answered;
I spoke and they didn’t hear;
they did what was evil in My sight
and chose what I didn’t delight in. 
This passage calls me to consider the motive behind some of the things I am seeing. When do we decide that Person A has had plenty of opportunity and it is now our time to step away and submit to God’s leading?  I know many of my readers have grappled with this and are not grappling.  I’m not suggesting severing ties. I believe that we get in God’s way by trying to be His Spirit directing people to do as I want them to do rather than waiting patiently and trusting that God really can handle things without ME.  So  I am trusting that this passage that calls me to be discerning between the humble spirit or the delighting in detestable practices will provide me with more of an indication of next steps in this matter.
Thanks for reading and praying along with me for God’s name to be glorified not only this week of remembrance but daily as we serve our Lord. May you know His blessing as you serve Christ today!


  1. There is always so so much to learn. I too am asking GOD for HIS guidance in learning my lessons from HIM & doing HIS will!!! I need HIS patience,wisdom, & understanding for all I am learning!!! GOD IS GOOD!!

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