I walked today where Apostle Paul walked

traveling in Rome

I’m on a tour with my dear friend who is a member of my PACt: Prayer And Care team.  She had provided the plan and means to see the most amazing places!

Today,  we are in Rome.  I did not give much thought to this trip. I agreed to come along for the ride, chat,  enjoy.  But then today,  we’re standing in the place where Peter and Paul and too many other Christians were killed and it was all i could do to not sit down and cry and praise God for the heritage passed down to us from those who were martyred for their faith.

I had a similar experience when we drove on Dachau Road in Germany.

And also this morning at Vatican City.

I wanted nothing more than to sit in a quiet corner and pray for the thousands who have bought into the lies and are headed for a merciless eternity separated from God and His love. I would love to come back to Rome with my entire PACt and do daily walks praying around the perimeter of the Vatican and praying around the city of Rome. So many cathedrals, so much religious history,  so little God awareness.

I walked into the pantheon. I stood in places I imagine Paul stood as he spoke of Jesus Christ and the Trinity and the Living God. It’s not just history. It’s not just ancient rocks and stories.

It’s our present and our future as Christians.  Will we stand with the faithful?  Will my testimony be that of a love so strong and true that no one can break me down?  What am I doing with Jesus Christ?

Am I living the hypocrisy of the churches we’ve seen on our tour?  Looking so lovely but not supporting others in knowing Christ? Am I keeping my treasures on the walls and ceilings of my earthly palace?  Or am I willing to sell all and follow my Savior?

Thanks again for reading and praying.  I have one more week of this tour before i head back to Luquillo and the last week of school for the school year. Pray for the students and staff there while I’m not!

Arivederchi from Rome!



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