You have filled my heart with JOY!

Look at those four pictures above. Four such different things, yet four things that fill my heart with joy!  God is surely a good and loving Father.  Even on the days when the students are not happy and the sky is not blue and the dogs are muddy monsters, God is a good and loving Father.

This month, He blessed me with an all-expenses-paid holiday in Europe.  TRUE STORY. A dear who wants to travel and has resources took me along as her seatmate for this amazing trip. And God provided the resources for the school to run in my absence – two short-term volunteers who came in my absence to help with this and that and my two already at the school workers Lora and Tess who ran the classroom and the school, respectively.

I came back to students excited for our Science Fair and wow!  They were amazing!

So much to say about the trip.  So much to say about the Science Fair and the kids.  So little time.

Right now, I am recovering from a cold.  Serious congestion and coughing. And preparing for our bell choir trip to Toronto for the World Mission to the Deaf Conference on June 10.  My bell-ringers are excited and nervous.  Pray for them to do well regardless of their nerves!

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks as always for your prayers.


One comment

  1. Well I did have a little something to read 🙂 I’ve been locked out of my Feedly account for a bit – finally figured out I was using the wrong sign in 🙂 Thankful your bell-ringers did well. Enjoy the remainder of your trip, and look forward to seeing you again, maybe it won’t be 22 years next time.

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