between here and there

June is ending.

The bell choir trip to Canada is past.  The bell choir members had a blast and learned and saw so many new things. They all want to go again for winter sports.  I said, “You’re on your own.”

I sent the bell choir (4 adults and 2 teenagers) home from Toronto and I spent the weekend with my friend Laurie. We had a grand time just doing each day as we felt like doing. Then I had an overnight with my friend Ruby and we caught up on stuff before I dashed off to a week with my mother and others.

This past week with my mother and others has been busy and fun.  Lots of people to reacquaint with – family, church friends, life friends, so many blessings from those conversations.

I am slowly getting into gear for WORK.  This week, I hope to finish the IEPs for the students and begin to plan the units for the school year.  I have this idea for BRIDGES which I think can encompass physics and geography and social issues along with reading and math and art and writing and Bible. So send your suggestions because if I start to look at Pinterest, I may never do anything else ever.

Back to PR tomorrow.  Did I say that? I’ve been gone often recently and am ready to get back to all of that. Thanks for reading and praying along with me.


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