so much to say, so little time to write it all

The handbell choir trip to Toronto and surrounding areas early in June was SUPER FANTASTIC.  We had only a few moments of Attitude with our teens and even fewer with the adults on the trip!

We saw Niagra Falls, did a treetop trekking eco-adventure, played the bells for 4 varied groups of people, did our personal presentations about the ministry and how God is working in our lives, and then came home.

Well, first, I stayed an extra weekend in Ontario to hang out with friends there and then I went to PA to visit my mom, brothers, relatives, friends and THEN I came home.

I forgot how SLOW Puerto Rico can be – waiting in line to pay before pumping my gas yesterday was traumatic for me after the speediness of the business in North America.

I had been hoping for days of slow paced catching up. Then I answered the phone.  And got back to business here. And then I dared to walk to the front of the school and be met by two guys from the tax office – seems there is this new law and we had not done the paper work – well, the on line registration work… they are getting into the new century and have an ONLINE part now for tracking businesses and like that.  Well, that part is done.  BUT of course since “The School” (i.e.  Elisabeth Hoke) was negligent in doing this in the prescribed time, there is a hearing in which a representative from “The School” (i.e. me or a minion) will present evidence of compliance.  Just another day in the life of a wanna be relaxing gardening on-vacation teacher!

Today I was reading – in between chores – clean the girls’ dorm kettle and kitchen, read, check the boys dorm bathroom, read, count how many fans are not working, read, move the dog bed, read, eat lunch, write this blog.  Soon I will go to the airport as one of 3 vehicles to retrieve a group coming on a missions’ trip.  They are a good group (normally) and I hope this year will be as wonderful for them as previous years have been.

I will be leaving tomorrow to visit Peter and Jen Blatz and their daughters Hannah and Ava as well as our mutual friend Laurie who will be coming in from Ontario.  The incoming team leadership KNOW what they are doing so I can not be here.  And they will feed the dogs! And the fish!  (I hope.)

While reading today in Spiritual Disciplines by Whitney, I was impress and challenged with the goal to

do all things in obedience to the Lord, even everyday things at work and at home,


Worship is the God-centered focus and response of the soul; it is being preoccupied with God.

If God PREoccupies my mind and heart, so little else will disturb my peace. Ahhh yes. But every minute, especially with a computer or device within arm’s reach, we are bombarded with other things that occupy our thoughts.  YET if God has PREoccupied my mind and heart, I should be responding with HIS perspective on things.

AND YET, I find someone has left things in the washer SO LONG that they are now dry and moldy smelling… and my mind jumps to AUUUGHHHH! rather than “What Would Jesus Do?” (I added new soap and put them through the machine again, then popped them into the dryer hoping the heat would kill the scent.  It almost worked! I think Jesus would have done the laundry too.)  But I still was steamed by the evidence of someone NOT fulfilling their responsibility – I mean, send me a text and tell me that you left those things, eh?

So I have to get away and re-occupy my mind and heart and being with God and His Word and His peace and Fruit and Presence… and pray that NEXT time I will skip the AUUUGGGHHHHH and remember to be thankful for the work that dear child did and not fret on the things I am cleaning up after.

Every mom knows this.  I’m not a mom.

Well, time to pack up this blog and move onto a little more reading.  Then to the airport.  Pray that today all of the vehicles make it there and back.  We had an issue yesterday getting past Rio Grande… all is well now… and God is sovereign so He will provide MY way or HIS way.  I am praying that today His Way and MY way are the same way.

But then, surprises are another opportunity to exercise the “mind of Christ” for the honor and glory of God.

Thank for reading and praying along with me.




  1. Thanking GOD for you & what you are able to do for HIM!! I thank HIM for giving you the wisdom & health & strength – also patience to carry out HIS work.
    Have a safe trip & good visit..

    • As we celebrate Canada Day (and as you will celebrate your July 4th holiday) how thankful Tom and I are for your recent visit and meeting so many of the ones we have prayed for during many years. May God make this year the best School year ever. With our love and prayers, Tom & Marilyn

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