Hanging out in Memphis

No photos here today. My camera will meet my laptop on Sunday evening and then I’ll add a picture or two from this week. I’m learning to travel lighter and that means leaving my laptop, camera cable, concerns behind.

We’re having a slow Friday afternoon; planning and hoping to hit a concert this evening so nap time is enticing.

Memphis is a great destination but for me, the destination is really about the people. I am loving time with adult friends and their wee children.

Next week, I’ll be back in my classroom beginning the planning of the next semester. I’ve got some ideas for my one room schoolhouse. I’m excited to see how God brings it all together.

God is always surprising me. Just when i think I’ve got the plan for the day or the next lesson, He brings along a student’s question or insight that pulls me between This and That. Do I follow the lesson plans or follow the student’s interest?

Sometimes, they are one and the same. The student picked up on something in a lesson that takes us the next step. Other times, the student has something on their mind from outside of the classroom. I do know when to redirect their attention to the curriculum and when to redirect my attention to there needs.  Balance.

I’m still sorting some ideas and issues left from last semester. Reflection, prayer, seeking God’s peace, letting His Word dwell in me richly, meditating on that which is worthy of honor and praise, can be so time consuming BUT without God’s direction, we are working in vain.

There’s always room to improve. And God’s Word is the best counsel available at any price. I’m reading through Jeremiah this month. While I’m not feeling the struggles as my own (really, I’m not down), I’ve been where Jeremiah 12 speaks from. We store up treasures or we waste the possibility of storing treasures. How often has something I read become the answer to someone’s question or need?


That’s the treasure we want to carry along with us. God’s Word, hidden in our hearts, ready to be spoken in a timely manner.

Thanks for thinking with me today. I’m praying for YOUR times of reflection and quiet to bear much Fruit.

Bye ya.










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