71117 a palindrome day

I love palindromes… for a while I was spending lots of time in my car and there is little to do there except swap out CDs so I came up with license plate math, palindrome watching, and iguana counting.  Some of these traditions I have passed along to others.  I HAD a tradition of singing but my newer workers and passengers don’t know the words and won’t sing along and attempt to harmonize. So… I have moved on to things they will share with me.

Moving along… since my return from HOLIDAYing in Tennessee (two days ago), I’ve been delighted to do little.  I am feeling the impact of travels and relaxing and my brain has been jumping to Lesson Plans and School Year Planning.

This week has had two WORK days so far… Monday, Tess and I met and worked on a missed Schedule from the school tax submission.  OOPS. DONE.  Today, we went with a Deaf child for an interview with a psychologist – said psychologist knowing nothing about language deprivation, language deficiencies and the concurrent developmental delays, nuances of sign parameters which cloud the meaning of the word and which add to the meaning of what was said.  Fortunately, the professionals we met with were able to WATCH the Deaf child and OBSERVE the reactions and body language.  We  were able to begin to open the communication channel between them and have been invited back for Round 2 in August.

I got home from that meeting and was thankful to have physical tasks to accomplish – cooking for some friends (meatloaf, baked potatoes, [my invention] bread pudding with a butter tart sauce on top!)

I was resisting going for this event.  Seeing AGAIN that Puerto Rican professionals are SO CLUELESS about… for example, “BUT DO YOU SIGN IN ENGLISH OR SPANISH?”  (small rant begins…. now)

My reply, “Neither.  I sign in ASL.  He recognizes the sign and visualizes THAT THING in his head.”  So I signed something and he drew a picture.  And that was what I had signed.  Because my SIGN is a visual representation of a THING that is a RABBIT.  My SIGN for rabbit is NOT English or Spanish.  It is VISUAL.  It is ASL.

There are different signs for some things. PIZZA has SO MANY varied signs depending on where you live in the USA.  THIS LINK will take you to a site which shows 4 different ASL signs for PIZZA – 3 of the 4 are fingerspelled renditions used as signs, 1 is a classifier/sign, NONE are the sign my students have been using which was introduced by a visitor thus polluting the PR lexicon of signs further.

AND there are some Puerto Rico signs that are different from American signs and American signs are mostly all different from English/U.K. signs.  AND PR signs have some differences in their linguistic properties from what appear in American or Chilean or Egyptian sign languages.  AND I try to incorporate the PR signs in the classroom as often as possible so that our students are able to communicate with other Deaf people on the island…

(tired of that rant now)

I went to the store, bought bread for the bread pudding, and then went to lunch with my staff (Tess, Valie and I) because it’s important to have time to chat as adults and try to figure out HOW to CHANGE the CULTURE of the Hearing World to actually notice and care to include the Deaf People in their midst. Well, we solved not world issues, but we chatted and enjoyed super nachos.

But again, arriving home, I was a little discouraged.  I put on Amazon Prime Music… and God spoke to me through songs. The first one that caught my attention (not the first song that played) repeated… NOTHING CAN STEAL MY JOY… ah yes.  How often do I allow things and issues to cloud my JOY in the Lord?  (often!) The very next song repeated the thought – IN THE EYE OF THE STORM, [GOD] remains in control. YEP.  Rest in that… Trust in that.  KNOW that God is in control… and the NEXT song was LORD I NEED YOU.

Can I tell you, I laughed out loud?  Let nothing or no one steal His JOY from your life.  Let no storm of life steal the promise that God IS in control.  Let nothing keep you from recognizing that you NEED the Lord – that Jesus is your only Hope and your only Anchor.

Those songs changed the direction of my prayers this afternoon.  I was still a little weepy and frustrated and sad about STUFF but tossing to all at Jesus’ feet was good. When I couldn’t find something in the kitchen and when I found what I did find and when I was ready to just toss out the butter tart topping for the bread pudding, I went back to the music and listened to God speak through Amazon Prime Music.

Now, at this moment, I will hit PUBLISH and then turn off the computer.  Not caring that I am in 4th place in Angry Birds, I will go sit quietly on the porch and listen to God speak without Amazon Prime Music.

Try it for yourself.  Shut off all of this and the distractions and noise and let God speak into your heart, mind, spirit, life as only He can when He has your full attention.

Tough exercise. Worth the effort.

Every time.

Thanks for coming for the visit today.



  1. Thank you for the lessons you have learned & I have learned.. The music sure does help. Praying for you always.. GOD is so good!!! I thnk GOD for giving you wisdom,health, & patience..

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