critical much?

Recently, I have been criticizing often and loudly people who are not present and people I do not know.  Like the guy who sent an e-mail telling how wonderful his personal retreat was going FROM his personal retreat time.  Don’t tell me how you are spending time ALONE WITH GOD and then add your e-mail people to that time. (for example, I don’t let my devices into my quiet time space… I pick it up after I have closed the Book and my books.- usually, unless what I have read and prayed and meditated on brought someone to mind and then I will shoot an e-mail or text to encourage them…)

And another one I voiced yesterday was about a dress I ordered online.  It fits perfectly by the way and I love it.  But reviewers commented on the weight of the dress.  “It weighs 3 pounds!” It is heavy material. But it is cut and designed so cute that it floats and wafts. I had to hold it down in the breeze here. AND I still needed my wrap to stay warm inside in the a.c. so the dress was not HOT.

Seriously.  WHO weighs their clothes? (I laugh.)

Maybe if I were packing, I would care about that but normally, I just stuff things in and wear the jeans because my jeans weigh something.

I try to limit my voiced criticisms to (1) unidentified people and practical issues  or (2) to THAT person who can do something about whatever it is. Because complaining is not a Biblical option. Someone once told me that if I am talking about it to someone who is not in a position to help it, then I am simply complaining. Wow. Maybe.

In any event, complaining just makes us more ingracious and crusty and cranky and unpleasant. Who wants to hang out with THAT person?

I’m reading Ezekiel now. Chapter 10 is one of the saddest parts of the Bible, I think. Read it!  God takes His glory from the temple in stages, moving further away from the inner court until Ezekiel “sees” the glory of God leave.

God is not complaining or criticizing. God is expressing His sorrow over the situation that His people have created as they turned their backs on Him. He doesn’t send fire and brimstone and condemnation.  He quietly leaves. Just removes His presence but with the promise that they will again be His people and He will always be there for them as their God should they choose to return to Him. (Ezekiel 11:18-21)

How often I want to say to someone… or FIX someone… or knock some sense into someone… yet God gives this example of (after having warned, brought enemies to conquer the land due to the people’s idolatry, warned, sent prophets, allowed a majority to be taken away into captivity…) simply quietly leaving.

There does come a time when our best choice is to stop talking and keep on praying.  Maybe we need to remove ourselves from the presence of that sin, that decision.  We may need to step away and KNOW that HE is God and He is able through His resources to DO and to MAKE HIMSELF KNOWN and we are not so necessary to His plans.

WE need to be much in prayer and so deeply into God’s heart that we will hear His voice as Abraham did, and we will recognize that little cloud as a sign from God as Elijah did, and we will obey as Ezekiel did. Our friends and family do not  need us to be HUGE VOCAL CRITICS with opinions galore and our own sins just being ignored. They need us to be compassionate children of the King of ALL Creation, living His love and purity, employing the Fruit of His Spirit in our actions and words, speaking from the INSPIRATION of His Word, not from the desperation of our worried minds.

And learning from those not actually around us… those who post on dress review sites and in our e-mails… not that I intend to start weighing my clothes but that I will be more conscious of including God in my Wifi/data use time and excluding my WiFi/data use from my “God and I” time.

ok time to hit the work of the day

thanks for coming by and spending this little time with me



  1. What a great reminder for me as I read today’s “Critical Much”
    Glad to have Laurie back with us for one Sunday before she continues her holiday.
    Praying always Marilyn/Tom

  2. God brings me to bittersweet laughter when I hear myself being negative about someone else’s negativity; complaining about their complaints 🙂 Don’t you wish we could see His perspective immediately. Anyway, thanks, there was a clear specific message to me contained within your words, a helpful confirmation for a course of action I’ve been contemplating. Thankful for the blessings of “quiet time.”

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