Distract Divide Demolish

I am preparing for my 33rd year in the classroom. You would think by now, it would mean pulling out old lesson plans and recycling them.  BUT every year, there are different children with new and interesting individual needs and every year I have to figure out THOSE needs and try to teach the children how to deal with those needs in this life they are living. SO while I may be teaching “Helping Verbs” for the 20th time, I am teaching that part of grammar to a new crop of students.

Likewise, I have a new dynamic with my staff as I have only Tess as a “missionary”worker and a carpenter from the area as our maintenance volunteer.  It’s hard to know the balance between when I am acting as the Boss and when I am acting as just a friend or co-worker. I suppose with our age differences, I am always the Boss… but I like to think we can play games and socialize and I don’t have to be the Boss.

So this morning, I am sitting here trying to focus and I know, because it’s not my first time around the park, that my aDversary is trying to Distract me from the objectives, Divide our team and Demolish the ministry here.

I have 2 Timothy 2:24 and 1 Thessalonians 5:14-24 on my bulletin board here at my home desk. GOOD reminders of how we are to behave and think and be.  And yet, I fail. The print reminder does not change me. Somehow getting that message INTO my being… or allowing God’s Spirit to grow His Fruit in my life…sigh…is the daily struggle.

So reader, pray for me today and for this ministry and for the things God is doing here. Because I can tell you, He has been at work…

Last week, I was planning to organize Bible lessons based on the coming Eclipse (August 21 in North America) when I came across some great resources at answersingenesis.com and Galactic Starveyors VBS resources at lifeway.com YES!  So I got those in the mail yesterday! And Tess mentioned that a man at her church does astronomy and theology and he will be coming as a guest presenter for us! With his telescope! Sometime during week one.

AND I am in charge of Make your Meal Mondays – and how do Moon Pies and Meteorite Meatballs sound for Eclipse Day Lunch?

I am seeing God daily plop a resource or idea or challenge in front of me. Sometimes I wake up with the answer I was praying for the night before.  Sometimes, I am too slow or dull to see His great answer. Or I fail to embrace the moment to apply the above listed verses and Biblical principles. Then I act in a way that is Distracting, Divisive, Detrimental,  —you see me giving me a ‘D’ grade on my pre-semester activity report?

This morning, after all of THAT passed through my brain and heart and soul, I opened my Bible and THERE, Daniel 10:19 at the bottom of column 1 on the right page on my Bible, LEAPT to my encouragement – literally, gave me COURAGE:

Don’t be afraid, you who are treasured by God. Peace to you; be very strong!” As he spoke to me, I was strengthened…

So thanks for reading and praying – not only today but as often as God brings me to mind, pray for me and this ministry and God’s Name to be honored here.





  1. This was one of the days that we especially remember you and the school. My prayer went something like this, “Lord I don’t know if there is anyone there to help Betsy this year or not, but please give her your wisdom and strength.” Then I read today’s Distract, Divide, Demolish. May God give you another great week.
    Marilyn & Tom

  2. Thanks for sharing in honestly. We all are in the same boat. Struggles are a part of the Christian life and lessons are sometimes hard to learn. God understands and loves us anyways, just as I love you and appreciate the work you are doing for God!☺

  3. Betsy- My daily prayers for you are for GOD to give you & your helpers the patience, wisdom, & strength that you all need. I know HE hears & is helping – I just leave you in HIS HANDS daily– Love you–

  4. Oh Betsy!! I so appreciate your posts! It is nice to share and reflect. I start back tomorrow , my 45th year in deaf ed and my LAST!! Yes, God willing, I am retiring after this year. It is bittersweet. I look forward to this year. I also look forward to the next chapter and adventures to follow…
    I love your passion for teaching. You have impacted your children’s live is so many ways. How envious am I that you can teach from the Bible!! What do you see as your greatest needs at your school? I will be clearing and packing up this year. Are you taxed on items that are shipped? I lean on the ADD side so be patient.
    Have you made your school calendar for the year?
    I will be praying for you and your children. I am certain when you are doing amazing things that honor God, you also deal with attacks. Take care of Betsy , have a nice cup of tea..
    Pray for me. I start the first day with a huge parent meeting, it will be very hostile.I must stay in my “role” and not advocate for the student but do as I am instructed. It is the worst part of my job. I was just written up, on the last day of school for siding for the student. It will be hard this year ,to not just speak my mind.Okay, enough! Keep posting!

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