10 down 168 to go!

So far, this school year has been smooth and pleasant.  My students show up, usually leaving any grumpiness somewhere else, and we have been learning together.  Of course, having an 80% solar eclipse was a spark to our lives – not often that a field trip includes the entire island and North America too!  We continue to study the solar system – DID YOU KNOW that the astronomers never named our moon anything but Moon?  and our sun is SUN.  As if I would name my dogs “Dog” and “Dog”? And the name of our solar system?…yep, Solar System.  As if we are the ONLY solar system in the universe.  Hm.  I think someone overlooked something there.  I mean, if aliens were to kidnap me, they would take me to their Named Solar System and laugh at Earthlings never getting around to Naming our solar system…

Click and read more from that site.

Other than THAT supremely overlooked fact, my week has been mundane. I got behind in my lesson preparations due to some interruptions – you know interruptions can be pleasant 🙂 – so today, Saturday, I have sequestered myself in the classroom and DONE my prep work – most that I can for now… I will have to do the little things, like write up tests and print out things… but I have been losing things so let me not print until I am ready to serve them.

Picture 1 above. I have set aside the math workbooks and am trying out Khan Academy math for my students this month. Highly motivating to have math on a device. My young boys returned from reading class and sat down and did more math!  Until I physically removed their devices and said, Writing time!

Picture 2 – my four full-time jobs.  So far we are faring well. Pray that they and I and we keep on having more good times learning together.

Pray for my right knee specifically as it’s been a little ouchy.

And pray for the Fruit of the Spirit to reign in me AND rein me in! I need to remember that the heart IS desperately wicked. (Jeremiah 17:9)  and when my frustration level rises, they and I are God’s to deal with.  His burden is light; His yoke is easy. (Matthew 11:30) Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight (Psalm 19:14).

And He is dealing with me, as a loving Father deals with an obstinate child, God reminds me that His grace is sufficient and He is at work to bring me into conformity to His Son’s character. (2 Corinthians 12:9) I know you all are surprised to hear that I am STILL a sinner! Yep, but saved by His grace and growing deeper as I walk along with my Lord.  Just need more of that Fruit of the Spirit to sprout so that it fills my heart and mouth stopping the flow of frustration or sarcasm or cynicism or whatever else the outpouring of my desperately wicked heart tends to be at the time.

You’ve always known that I know that I need more prayer… and I am seeking God and His grace and thanking Him for forgiveness and mercy because THAT’s what we want to teach our students – how to live with grace and mercy and forgiveness and leave the justice and sinfulness of the world in God’s hands. (I mean, really,  I can DO little to nothing about most of the things that trouble my mind, so why worry when you can pray?)

Picture 3 – my sweet dogs (they have names Delilah and Roxy) – they look at me daily as if to say, “… come on let’s go!”  And look at them daily and say, “Go WHERE?” The tall one doesn’t like the beach. The small one likes to chase and bite and bark at anything she meets along the way.  Maybe I will drive them around and pick up Frostys  for us all! A Frosty? (oh look, Wendy’s named their milkshake! Imagine… not just calling it Milkshake!?)

Well, let me move from the classroom and from this chair.  My back is tired of sitting. Maybe we will go for a walk on the beach.  Do you suppose there are few people so they (the dogs) can walk without hassling anyone?

Thanks for the visit and thanks for praying.



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