oh Irma, go away!

Previous years, I would cheer for a storm coming to our school. There was something FUN in there.  This time around, I have been pleading with God to move that storm! AWAY! This morning, I was reading Soul Restoration by Terry Blackstock – a book someone gave me last year and I haven’t gotten to read. I’m up to page 15 🙂 As I was saying to God, “Please NOT this storm. I am not sure I can bear it this year…”  I opened my eyes to see these words…Endure hardship as DISCIPLINE! Strengthen feeble arms! Are you kidding me!? I just want the lovely days of classroom teaching and THAT kind of learning.  Pray for my feeble spirit through this!   My helper on the roof told me that predictions are 4 to 8 MONTHS until the electricity is totally restored to the island. He said to me, “Betsy, I am nervous.” Ok that from a man who has weathered many storms. (My big sigh…there go the Christmas lights!  MOM!  I am coming to your house!) Right now I am glued to the weather maps or wandering around looking at this and that and thinking… what else needs to be put some place safer?  They update the maps every 6 hours until things are closer.  Now there are more frequent updates.   My latitude is 18.349N and longitude is W65.711 in case things get out of control and you have to come with a boat to bring my mail!  I am praying that you don’t ever see those coordinates for the EYE of Hurricane Irma or any other hurricane!

Right now, having done all that can be done, I am heading for a shower. I’ve done my laundry and may do another load tomorrow morning just to NOT have dirty anything sitting around when the problems begin in earnest.  We have a generator and a connection for it so we are good on that side. The freezer is working. There are cans of food on my counter. I have cement walls and roof. No problems here other than being tossed into a country with out electricity and running water for a few… days, weeks, months…

I am such a baby. I am pretty sure I have a splinter under my fingernail too.

So on the bright side, I have a chair that I want to re-seat and now I may have the time do that.  ALSO my Scrabble friends are staying downstairs so we will have time to do some serious Scrabbling (and I can escape to upstairs though it means going outside if I need to consult a dictionary or just need to escape).  AND our insurance is paid up so our buildings are covered… praying we don’t need to exercise the insurance. AND I have Terry Blackstock’s book, several others on the shelf to read when I have time and little donuts to encourage me.  Yep.  After last month’s diet of veggies and more veggies, I didn’t buy veggies… they need refrigeration and I won’t have that.  So while other people were buying milk and cheese and eggs… I bought pizza and donuts.

I don’t advertise this… but someone texted to ask today.  YES, the school accepts donations and especially now that we will have some needs and will want to be able to help others with needs, we have an online donations page.  Click that link and you will see how simple it can be to put some money into the school’s account. Include the message or note – HURRICANE RELIEF and we will see that it goes to the right place.  I promise. I can imagine one of our students needing a new wall or roof on their house… and neighbors needing… whatever.  I will personally make sure your gift goes to a person in actual need.  I will not keep it for me. That’s just not my way. Unless the school chapel roof blows away, then I will use your gift here first.  And for others second.  That’s fair?  ok.  That’s the plan.

Thanks for praying.  Thanks for continuing to pray.  If you don’t see an update, keep praying.  When you DO see an update, you will know how to pray more.

No update, Pray for the ability to have the luxury of internet and electricity at the same time so that I can make an update!

Update, I will let you know what’s happening.  You can also check my facebook page – it may be updated more often since I don’t have to write a wordy post!

Bye!  Thanks for the visit. Hope you hear from me again soon!




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