waiting for hurricane maria

The students have been coming to school even though we didn’t have electricity since Hurricane Irma hit on 6 September.

Today, Monday 18 September after school,  the electricity was restored. But tomorrow we don’t have classes because Hurricane Maria is coming early Wednesday morning.

We hope to reconvene classes on Monday 25 September.  Most likely without electricity.

People are asking.  We and the student families can use candles,  D batteries, breakfast bars,  healthy snacks.

I am prepared to teach; i printed out extra pages and activities in July and thought, “Why did I do that?” Now i know God was preparing my classroom for this.  But if you have any ideas for teaching in a third world setting,  send them along.  We are doing a unit on bridges and have successfully made paper and glue bridges and K’nex bridges. Next up are a hanging bridge that we will walk across and wooden popsicle stick bridges.

We’re doing some scale drawing and architecture with this unit.  Next up is Deaf Culture.  i have resources but was hoping to include some Skype interviews with that.  Perhaps by mid October we’ll be back online.

If you want to send anything,  the address for U.S. Mail is:

HC1 Box 7111, Luquillo PR 00773

thanks for praying along with us during our weeks of hurricane impacted living.



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