New every morning

Almost every school day morning, I hear the toot of the mailman’s horn and I say RUN! One or two of my students will take off for the gate and return with your precious gifts. One day it was a box off candle stubs (2 to 3 inches left) which had been hammered out of their candle jars! Today there were candles and a $20 in one box and Dr. Pepper and candles in another.

The kids love the adventure of box collecting. I like the adventure of the surprises inside. My classroom vultures are getting good at finding one thing in each box about which they know I will say “Take that home for your family”. We write thank you notes asap. Good language practice for us all.

God has been proving His faithfulness to me  during this semester. It’s been one crazy semester.

Last Saturday I was able to take most of the day to read and pray and meditate on all that has happened since august. Wow. Counting my blessings…including the hurricanes and the outpouring of God’s goodness through your gifts, prayers, encouragement, texts, etc. I am SO blessed.

It’s overwhelming to see HOW God has raised up people from places I never heard of to send a box of great stuff. Or to send some money so we can do repairs when supplies and workers come together. I am humbled and amazed and grateful.

Thanks for praying with me through this time.  We are running on a generator provided by a FEMA package to provide communications for the Deaf community. It includes satellite dish wifi so even though I am surrounded by candles, I can use wifi through my tablet to post this.

What an interesting dichotomy I live these days. My classroom has no lights but we have wifi and the ability to charge our devices.

Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!


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