any old candles?

Someone once said, “When you’re in the dark, any old candle will do.”

How true!  As we finish our jar candles, we are left with wax that I knife out of the jar.  Then I like to take a candlestick and put that in the jar, hold it there and drop chunks and pieces of old wax around them.  As the candlestick melts, it creates a new jar candle.  Doesn’t always look so pretty or smell special as a new jar candle would but it does the job in the dark.

How strange to be sitting in the dark with a laptop running and using the Internet from a satellite dish connected modem while a generator purrs in the not too distant. This is our new life here.  My fridge is wide open with cans of spagetti and tins of cookies and crackers and soups because the shelf is full and the fridge is empty… and the sugar jar is in the microwave because I can’t use that with a generator. And my porch lights were torn off by Hurricane Maria so they are no longer and I will not go to a store that has no air supply so I am waiting for Amazon to bring me some new solar lights for the porch and my bathroom and then I will feel a little more “normal”.

But about those candles… last week, I dropped a perfectly fine candle and broke the jar… so I peeled the candle from the jar remnants and cleaned it up and now it is beside me lighting my keyboard and making me sneeze. Who sent the GRAPE flavored candle??

Without the jar, this specific candle was a mess. I have it in another jar but it’s still a mess.

How like candles we are to be as Christians!  In chapel the other day, I used our “ugly’ recycled candles as an illustration.  They don’t look so good.  No one would BUY one of these from me.  Some would say “Thank you” if they received one as a gift. But when the lights are out and there is darkness all about, they would light that candle and be happy with the flame and the light it gives.

We need to be LIGHT in our worlds. Matthew 5.  Read it. Shine where you are sitting. Glow for God. Let His light shine through your face and hands and actions and words. Don’t fight God and try to hold back the light. Just SHINE for Jesus! Your candle itself may not be so beautiful or slender or clean… but when you are in the DARK, any old candle will do! Be the candle that leads your friends closer to God.

Now, I must extinguish the grape candle, take a Benadryl and get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we have bell practice and school and other fun and interesting things to do!

Thanks for stopping in again. Always nice to chat with you … by laptop light or candlelight!



  1. That is rhe most conversation I have drom you and your situatoon since sept. As soon as I am well from this chest cold my box will be sent. In it is tea, lynches apple juice, power bars, popcorn and twizzlers. I think I can find some solar power lights somewhere and sent them. Just wondering as I have not done this before…. can I order something drom Amazon and have it sent to you but paid by me? Is Amazon sending stuff to the Island?
    Talk soon!

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