another BLAHg entry!

A friend of mine once had a blog she called her BLAHg 🙂  I borrowed this from her – Thanks Jen!

Today seems rather BLAH – a rainy day (what’s new?) some flood warnings (what’s new?) and laundry hemming me in on three sides (the other side is a wall). My hot tea of the day was good but now it’s history and I am thinking of another pot soon.  Something to warm me up!

Photos above:

left – TARANTULA! recently as we were doing something outside, my nature lover saw this spider crawling up the bench.  I captured it and we relocated it beyond the school shop where it can live without being seen by us.  One of the boys wanted to play with it… not a poisonous spider, yet I felt that allowing him to play with it in his hands was not an option.  Anyone wanna let this critter crawl on your hands?  Come visit!

center – We have a resident chaplain for now.  Jerry and Liz Harmon continue to house hunt – having lost their roof to Hurricane Maria 54 days ago. Our previous chaplain has departed the island, so I invited Jerry to have a go at speaking God’s Word to our little crew.  I am enjoying the opportunity to interpret for him.  It’s always a challenge to get the message being spoken into the right signs for my younger students to apprehend. The older two students seem to catch it without much trying.

Liz Harmon is leading our staff ladies’ Bible study.  She is working as a teacher at a local Christian school so most days we don’t get to see her much.  It’s nice on Thursday evenings to set aside all other things and open God’s Word with Liz and Tess.  We are a small group so everyone participates!

right – It has taken me a few weeks… but I have finally gotten my act a little more together as a teacher. Going from hurricane Irma to classroom in the dark to hurricane Maria to classroom in the dark to classroom with a little generator running parts of the electrical system… and then the generator has to be ON to use the printer… and well, hey, we have diesel generator with free fuel from F.E.M.A. and the chapel always has lights and fans… FINALLY I thought on Wednesday – WHY AM I WORKING WITH A GENERATOR AND BUYING THE GAS WHEN WE HAVE FREE FUEL AND AN EMPTY CHAPEL MOST OF THE DAY?

So we picked up our book bags, delivered the Craft Parcels to the chapel and set up a classroom area there. WOW.  I  am only taking the things I need for the day. Yesterday I moved my printer so now I can print things and now don’t have to try to make copies with an empty cartridge (who knew we were out of fresh copier toner cartridges? when did THAT happen?)  I am SO THANKFUL for the friend who sent Thanksgiving and Christmas paper and crafts!  Because WHAT WAS I DOING this fall?? I finally thought it through… yep, September, I look at Pinterest and order supplies for October/November/December activities focusing on THANKfulness and God’s Many Blessings.

I missed September this year due to TWO hurricanes. My planning and preparations have all been shoved aside and now at last, I feel I am getting back to being the principal and teacher who actually has a THOUGHT and a PLAN for the day. The staff work lists have been – scrounge up food from the pantry and maybe we’ll have fresh meat; fill the generator, change the oil, start the generator, check the generator; repair windows so they SHUT using the cranks and stop allowing rain into our lives; etc.  Oh for the days of ‘cut the grass’ and ‘rice and beans and chicken’ for lunch!

Another friend called this week. We’re all in the same boat – brains mixed and focuses scattered, somewhat unsure amidst the changes what to DO next and adjusting to the NEWest changes of people (students, volunteers, friends, old faithfuls) leaving. I could only agree with her dilemma. My only advice, “Keep being faithful to the things you were doing until God shows you what He would have you to change/add/stop doing.”

Through all of this upheaval, I hold strongly to God’s promise –Jesus Christ the same: Yesterday, Today, Forever.  Yesterday, I woke up singing HE KNOWS MY NAME… Praise God, He knows MY name and I hope He knows YOURS name too. So often since the hurricanes, I’ve sat down feeling indescribable something.  So good to know “He sees each tear that falls and hears me when I call…” Hit that link and listen to the song. It’s a good one!

Well, I have to un-distract myself now and get into my work for the day. Or at least organize my thoughts so I can tackle the WORK in a bit or tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by today and thank for your prayers for this ministry and me.



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