I’ve been away from the devastation of the island for 30 hours. I have enjoyed the silence -no generator in the background! I have enjoyed the response of light switches – no guessing – does this one work? I have enjoyed refrigeration – cold drinks in my own kitchen! I am enjoying shopping in stores with lights and air conditioning and working debit card systems.  I am enjoying it all immensely.

It’s SO EASY to praise God from the comfort of luxuries. So much more challenging to praise God when there are electrical wires hanging lower everyday in front of the school gates, when the refrigerator in my apartment is storage for canned spaghetti and dehydrated packaged meals, when the classroom lights and fans are dark and silent even when the students are bright-eyed and enthusiastic.

But it IS possible to PRAISE GOD in the storm and in the aftermath. We can praise Him for breath – Psalm 150:6 Let EVERYTHING, everyONE, that has breath PRAISE THE LORD! We praise Him for His gift of life and breath and air and joy and the opportunities He gives us to serve Him and His people.

One day, in 1995(?), I woke up with PAIN and the inability to pee. After a brief stop in the E.R. and a catheter and no diagnosis, everything came out ok and I have not had a repeat experience. Yet, almost EVERY time I use the washroom, I thank God that my urinary tract is working.

Which calls to mind Psalm 42:7

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls;

all your waves and breakers have swept over me.

I can tell you how I cried and prayed and pulled and praised and sang and sweated over the Black Max generator every evening when I was responsible for it starting.  I can tell you how I praised God every time it worked. I can tell you how I praised God when the little yellow generator came as a gift (while the rest of PR was unable to find a generator!). I can tell you how God provided the FEMA generator in fulfillment of God’s promise to me that we would have electricity before October 21. Yep. I had my doubts and I was letting God off the hook… and then He brought us a generator with fuel supplied AND maintenance supplied AND Internet by satellite –  EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY above and beyond my wildest possible dreams and desires and prayers.

Our God is an AWESOME GOD! Worthy of our praise and worthy of our love and service.

YES I have complained. YES I would love to not go back to all of the UGHness that is now daily present in Puerto Rico. But WOOHOO! What a challenge to my spirit!  What a great place and time to be SO SURE that I am walking in His Will and doing all that He has placed before me.

Challenges that may never be shared here. Challenges that God knew before I ever had an inkling.  Challenges that He knows today about tomorrow.  But we are asked in Matthew 6:28 – WHY DO YOU WORRY? and told in Matthew 6:32 YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS.  And that’s why we worry – because we don’t REALLY KNOW our Heavenly Father as well as we could.

So take some time- it’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S.A. – this week, and give thanks for your challenges.  Take it one step further and surrender your worries to God, your Father in Heaven who desires nothing more than to bless you exceedingly abundantly.

If you haven’t experienced that blessing, well, that answer is in Matthew 6:33 – seek FIRST His kingdom and and His righteousness. He doesn’t say FIND it, He says SEEK IT. In seeking, you WILL find (Matthew 7:7) and He will open your heart and mind to know Him a little better, a little deeper.

What have you got to lose?

(except your cynicism or doubt or pride? – sorry that just slipped out.)

Thanks for the chat!  Now, go talk to our Heavenly Father.  He wants to hear what’s on your heart.



  1. love hearing the expressions of your heart…… continuing to carry your heart before our God…. Praising Him with you for all that He has provided and praying for His provisions with what has not yet been seen. We love you so deeply from your heart out…. we are so thankful for you…. your unwavering faith… your transparancy and your venerability before the Lord…. you are such a blessing…. thankful for your heart and life….. we love you deeply….. David and Mary Chase

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