9 school days until Christmas break!

I have this student.  He is a doll and a pest and funny and sad…

I don’t know how he thinks so I am trying to get him to think along with everyone around him.  His most recent thoughts are all about Christmas.  One conversation went like this:

“Saturday, no one gave me a gift,” he told me.  Well, I said, Saturday was what number Ok, and Christmas is what number?  25  Well, on 25 someone will give you a giftAnd 15Yes and 15 at the school party.

Another one was like this:

No tree.  Yep the trees fell down in the hurricanes. NO.  No tree. Where?  Home.  Christmas.  No tree.  ooooh.  I finally clued in… I bought your grandma a tree.  Tree? You?  Yes.  Look at that little tree.  It’s for your grandma.  Dec 22 school finished, you take the tree and give to Grandma.  He ran to the tree and figured out how to turn on the lights. Needs more stars.  Needs a big star.  Ok, let’s make more!

Today we made stars.  Of course that involved all kinds of language and math skills so many of my educational objectives for him were incorporated in the making of those stars.  He is learning to negotiate for what he wants. He is learning to accept NO for an answer.  He is learning to ask politely for an alternative and then accept the YES or NO.  And I am learning to consider the possibilities and counter with another option.

He asked, I want to make cookies.  I said, ” You can’t make cookies until you can pay attention and obey.” I’m a good boy.  I obey.  I asked you to sit and you are standing here.  You asked me to SIT?  Yes.  He walked to his chair and sat.   He REALLY wants to make cookies.

Yesterday, we stopped by a store on the return from church and we bought muffin cup papers. I think we will start with JUST ADD WATER to this mix and make a few muffins. When we have more resources, we can advance to eggs, butter, flour, etc. Don’t worry, he WILL be baking soon.

Pray for this boy.  His house has no power and his grandma spends her dollars on gas for the generator. She is sad.  No gifts for the grandkids.  No tree for her house. No lights for Christmas. Well, in the pictures, above, she had just received two boxes of solar powered Christmas lights and she was so happy.  Today, we introduced her to her Christmas tree (see the wee tree in the distance in the picture above?). She agreed we could use it for 2 weeks. Maybe it can go home on Friday this week.

When a little tree brings tears of joy to someone,

When baking cookies is the desire of someone’s heart,

When it is within our ability to do good,

well,  DO IT.

Life really is miserable around here. Roads still bear scars. Electrical wires dangle. Light switches are strange wall ornaments.  People are living in tents under the roofs of basketball courts. Store shelves still carry a lot of SPAM and not so much in the refrigerator sections.

On the other hand, the generator now purrs me to sleep rather than annoying me as I hear it at night. Candles still bring a glow of peaceful hope even though I use them more out of necessity than pleasure. The mailman brings boxes of encouragement from friends, family and strangers daily.

About those boxes… they are not as NEEDed for practical purposes as they once were.  We still love them and you who send them.  AND there are people who NEED the contents.  Saturday, I was able to supply a local relief ministry with 6 large boxes filled with crackers, tuna, canned other foods, boxes of cookies and packages of batteries… it feels good to pass along the blessings.  My church family also has been grateful for the many gifts they have received.  And well, every so often, I get a little selfish – SpaghettiOs, some chocolates, a package of my favorite cookies (this week).

AND now the boxes are coming with messages like SECRET! BETSY ONLY!!  and the kids know I am creating a SECRET SPACE with those boxes.  They want to KNOW and SEE…. well, maybe they will… because you are helping to make a little store so that grandma can have some gifts for her grandkids and my students can have an opportunity to pick up a few things to give their families. And any leftovers, will be given to unsuspecting people after school closes for the holidays.

Life REALLY is so exciting and joyful here! Very few dull moments are sandwiched between very active and busy days. Through it all, GOD is proving His presence and provision again and again. Praise Him with me now and come back for another visit next time!  Thanks for stopping by today!



  1. Praying for you ALL always. GOD is so good. You are giving the children & all their such wonderful days & helping them to understand & keep on going thru the days..
    Just keep up the good work & duties & the days you are giving blessings to all!!

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