looking at a postHurricane Christmas (part 2)

This blog entry and the last one arose from me trying to write a Christmas letter.  I keep getting sidetracked into HURRICANE thinking.  It’s been a prominent theme for 100+days. It’s hard to shift into HO HO HO Merry Christmas.

In the picture above, the girl’s house has electricity while the boy’s house does not. Do their faces reflect this difference? We were having laughs and fun unpacking a box and I thought Edgar was SMILING but when I see this picture, I see a serious little boy with worries.

He is worried that his house has no lights and his Christmas tree is small but he loves his little tree and took home a box of decorations that arrived on Thursday in a larger box.  He is excited for the Christmas gifts he has stored in the trunk of my car and that he will take home after church on Sunday to surprise his family. Yet, there’s that missing smile.

I think that’s how I feel too somewhat. I am excited for Christmas – for a break from the routine, for time to play games and sing songs and read books and to play the church piano now that we have electricity there. I am excited to tell the Christmas story again – how God Himself, the Word Incarnate took on mortal flesh and came to live with us as one of us so that He could redeem us from the curse of sin… the greatest story ever!

Someone asked, “What can we do for you this Christmas?”  Not sure.  I enjoy down-time…time with little to do and flexible plans. I have plans for Christmas Eve with a friend’s family and their boisterous fun. I have plans for Christmas day with our downstairs residents who, after 100 days of living separately/together in the same building and sharing evening meals in the school dining room, have become my dear friends.

But there is something different about this Christmas for me… maybe it’s the NOT baking (I haven’t tried to make any cookies since butter is a refrigerator food); maybe it’s the MISSING of music (my desktop computer died and I haven’t attached speakers to my laptop and there’s the danger of power issues from the generator eating my laptop, and the handbell choir was less than excellent in our performace…); maybe it’s not having people to keep me BUSY; maybe it’s not having had a piano to play my Christmas music on (oh we put batteries in the keyboard that was dowsed by Maria and it works!); maybe it’s the missing lights on the area homes and the reminder that people are still living in shelters; maybe the Grinch’s heart is two sizes to small… whatever the reason, the lights or the music, I sit here on Christmas Eve’s eve contemplating the morrow and the sorrow that so many feel at this time.

Hold your family and friends a little longer this Christmas season.  Hold your possessions (especially the ones that possess you) loosely.  Give them to a person who needs them, or who needs the money they could get by selling them. As we have seen, a natural disaster like a hurricane, is a great equalizer.  We were ALL without electricity, without gas, without mail services, without stores to buy things from, without an opportunity to change this. And most have survived with the help of friends and family – as I have done with YOUR help and the love of all who have mailed things and cards and practical helps during this year…

God’s goodness is enough. The celebration of His birth as the Holy Child should be a daily event for us as Christians. So I plan to CELEBRATE the moments – losing or winning a game, sharing a moment of laughter or a moment of solemnity, eating too much of the wrong things, walking on the beach just because I can do it on Christmas day comfortably. Much to celebrate this year.  SO Get to it my friendly readers!

Get up from your comfy computer place and go celebrate with a friend or a family member or yourself alone – go have some Christmas cheer – mine is in the form of FLAN and hot tea 🙂

Happy HAPPY Christmas to you!



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  1. Hi Betsy. Thanks again for the update. Our weather has been lovely compared to yours WOW!!!! Therefore we keep praying for all of you.
    Here we are at December 23. Forecast is for extreme cold over Christmas minus 30 Celsius. Extreme windchills. Brrrrrr.
    We are doing well. I am retired from my day job but have lots of opportunities to help out with the kids and great grandkids. Just finished an 11 hr stretch. Now I am nursing my sore back.
    John is still working even though he turned 65 last month.
    God bless you Betsy

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