it started with me stealing a hymnbook on Sunday night

Our school days have been calm and profitable.  My high-schooler is studying Anatomy and Physiology (she has mentioned studying for veterinary related field) as well as improving her mathematics, Bible, world events, and Spanish and English literacy skills.  Additionally, she has taken an interest in baking – yesterday was fondant day 1.  Neither of us had used fondant before. We are a little wiser for the next time a birthday cake is required!

My younger student at this time is not always compliant – in two of the photos below, he is trying to block me from taking his picture. He was upset because we finished our Ozobot Coding experience earlier than he wanted. Of course, he wanted to NEVER finish the activity. Having this little man in my classroom these past two years has been a trying and exhilarating experience. In December, talking about Jesus’ birth and His reason for being born, I would ask, “WHY DID JESUS COME TO EARTH?”

Edgar would reply with the whole life story of birth, death, resurrection, ascension.  And I would move on to the older students who had the short answer, “Jesus came so He could die for my sins and now His blood has washed away my sins and I accepted His forgiveness…”

Well, last week, I was playing the piano in an English language church and they sang THERE’S A NEW NAME WRITTEN DOWN IN GLORY and also MY SINS ARE GONE. Monday morning, I took the hymnbook I stole (borrowed!  I will return it!) to chapel and shared the story how MY name got written down in glory in God’s Big Book.  We shared stories of knowing of our salvation and then someone asked Edgar, DO YOU KNOW? And he said a very tentative NO.

Well, we went to class.  And I as I walked, I prayed for God’s help.  I asked Edgar, “Do you sin?”  He told me NO NO NO I DO NOT SIN.

I took him to the white board and traced him. Then I asked, “DO YOU DISOBEY YOUR GRANDMA?”  Yes, he replied. So I wrote DISOBEY GRANDMA on his silhouette.

Then I asked, “DID YOU …?”  Yes, he replied. So I wrote … on his silhouette. And so we continued until there were so many proofs of his sin. Then we looked at this TRACT from Wow.  Edgar listened closely as I explained the progression of pictures. Then HE talked ME through it – the way God is holy and the way SIN separates us from Him. The need we have for His love and forgiveness.  The punishment of hell for those who reject God’s love. His fear of being separated from God because of his sins.

So I asked him again, WHY DID JESUS COME TO EARTH? and Edgar said, “Jesus died for my sins.” Was he simply parroting the responses of others?

Because God’s timing is perfect, another worker walked by just then and I asked him into the classroom.  I asked Edgar to tell him about our conversation and then it was my privilege to watch as Edgar prayed a so-eloquent, so child-like prayer confessing his need, his fears, his want to have God’s forgiveness.

As his eyes were closed, as he prayed, I went to the whiteboard and erased the lists of sins.  I drew a red CROSS on his silhouette chest and returned to my seat. He was so delighted to see his sins were gone when he opened his eyes!  Pray that this stays with Edgar for the rest of his life.  Pray that he will allow the Holy Spirit to grow in his life and that he will become a man of God.

I thought Edgar was leaving later that week. But he didn’t. In fact, he may be moving in with me for a little while as his case is discussed with various ones who are in positions of authority and decision making. I’m both excited and daunted by the prospect.  Excited that we will have time to chat more and before bed time to sit quietly and pray and read Bible stories (he loves the Adventure Bible).  Daunted because he is not an easy child and will require my attention at times when I am accustomed to being home alone… but you know, God is teaching me so much these days.

I am learning so much through this post-hurricane/post-electricity/pre-electricity period. I am learning to surrender some things that I felt were important but which in light of eternity are so unimportant.  I am learning to cherish the things that are important and guard them with all of my energies. Those so important things are growing less and less in number… is that age or learning that my treasure in Heaven is so much richer than I knew before?

No matter how it has happened, I am thankful for this changing point of view.  Seeing things more with Eternity in mind and less concerned for the creature comforts of the here and now.

How are YOU doing with that?  Do you know where you will spend ETERNITY? Have you responded with YES to God’s invitation to experience forgiveness and to be cleansed in His Love? If you have any questions, send me an e-mail!?

Thanks for stopping in today!



    • WOW Betsy – you sure are doing well with your students.. So much to learn & do. GOD leads us on & we are
      so happy to have HIM leading us… I am praying for you daily & thank GOD for always guiding you..

  1. Amazing grace, how sweet! We know there is rejoicing in heaven; and here in Guelph too! May God bring you strength and wisdom and blessing.

  2. Love your honesty in sharing your daily struggles and triumphs Betsy! Praying for you and wish we were closer to lend a hand. Hopefully in the near future when I start stepping out of hf businesses and Jonathan takes over we’ll be in a position to spend some time helping out. Hugs!

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