About Betsy

Drawing of me as the Bell Choir Director
The above is a picture by some students in the handbell choir – I love it!
December 2015

I was raised in a Christian home.  My mother made sure all of us got to church and when I was 11(ish) my Dad came to Christ. I accepted Christ the summer of 1969 and somehow never fell away from that commitment. I tried of course, but God’s love is so great!

My parents and I (October 2011)

When I was 12 (1973), I met my first deaf friend and began my journey into the field of deafness.

Through my teen years, friends and experiences at Camp Pamadeva formed within me a desire to serve God and to see other teens come to Him.

I started to interpret in a deaf ministry in my home church, Calvary Bible Church of Hanover PA, in the late 1970s and majored in Deaf Education at Penn State (1979-1983).

After that, I came to ESD.  That’s the end of that story – though God continues to work in me, changing and refining and growing His grace and character in me. Well, there are books that can be written on that subject! So as you read my BLOG entries here, I pray that you will see what God is doing.

I am the principal and a teacher also at the Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf in Luquillo Puerto Rico. If you want to know more about that, check out http://www.cscdluquillo.com

My students and I (September 2011)

I love the life God has given me and pray that you are enjoying your life in Christ also.




  1. I really enjoy all your pics and going ons in your life, school, dogs & family. You are an incredible lady! I have such fun memories of PSU days with you, Lisa, Jen, Lori, Mike, Brian-sorry if I missed any of the gang as my memory fails me at times:) Overcoming your fear of snakes(at least my snakes) is always a fun story to tell. Keep up the wonderful work for God that you are doing! Much love, Jana

    • Hi Betsy and Jana! I found the site here looking to see how Betsy weathered Maria – still do not have an answer for that – but great to see your name Jana – and to remember those fun times with you all – like yesterday – yet so long ago! Much love, Jeni

      • Hi Jeni! So good to see your name as well. I often wonder about you and hope you are well. Betsy, can you kindly send me Jeni’s contact info to my work email instead of this public forum? Thanks, in advance.

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