Delilah Victorious

November 2018

dogs cscd 2018 11

May 2018

may 2018 working

2018 January


the grass is too long when you can lose a Great Dane in it.

December 2017

December 2015

Delilah 2015 12

Delilah went with us to view the Christmas lights.  She loves Mizael.  She also loves to be under the teacher’s table in the classroom!delilah burt 2015 12

Delilah tolerates Burt.  He is a weimeraner stray who wandered in. Since being neutered and cleaned up, we are looking for a family to take him in. Anyone interested? He is great with children and other dogs.

January 2015

May 2014 – photos of Delilah


Ian was a little scared because she jumped him...
Ian was a little scared because she jumped him…
Mizaelcan RIDE her.
Mizael can RIDE her.
Delilah loves Kevin
Delilah loves Kevin


yes Delilah, YOU!
yes Delilah, YOU!

born in Cabo Rojo sometime the end of July 2013 // adopted September 28 2013

francis and delilah

the beginning to october 2013

Francis was terrified of Bazooka so I wanted her to be super happy about Delilah. She will be the size model.










November 2013







January 2014Delilah 2013 2014 01





P1520894 P1520901Diego and Delilah

March 7 2014





Delilah snoozing March 7 2014










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