musings and amusings

Psalm 143:5 as seen in my little corner of the world

Favorite Links

Psalm 8:3&4

Andrew Murray   With Christ in the School of Prayer  Intercession

Answers in Genesis

Bible online

Bible Gateway

Blue Letter Bible

The Book Of Common Prayer

Christian  by Radio Bible Class

Culture Links – Larry Ragan
training for short term missions teams

Discipleship Journal

Discipleship Network

Early Christian Writings

Elisabeth Elliot

GloBible the Bible for electronic devices – amazing

Institute for Creation Research

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Ken Boa

My Utmost for His Highest   Oswald Chambers

Operation World   pray more specifically

National Day of Prayer


Presidential Prayer Team

Reflection Ministries

Theology with Andrew Groves

Urbana Conferences

Voice of the Martyrs

Youth with a Mission  Prayer Diary and Journal

Make me what Thou wouldst  have me.  I bargain for nothing.  I make no terms.  I seek for no previous information whither Thou art taking me.  I will be what Thou wilt make me and all that Thou wilt make me.  I say not, I will follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest, for I am weak but I give myself to Thee, to lead anywhither.

    – John Henry Newman (1801 – 1890)

Favorite Other Websites (in alphabetical order)

Dayspring e-cards

The Evangelical School for the Deaf

Arms Wide Open  one family’s journey into adoption and fostering children

Ramblings of a Christian Mom

Weather Links  (in order of my preference)

National Hurricane Center

Saharan Air Layer

Weather Underground
also lists recent earthquakes and other information of interest

Weather Spark

I believe that God wants us to long for Him with the longing that will become lovesickness, that will become a wound to our spirits, to keep us always moving toward Him, always finding and always seeking, always having and always desiring. So the earth becomes less and less valuable and heaven gets closer as we move into God and up into Christ.

Dare we bow our hearts now and say, “Father, I’ve been an irresponsible, childish kind of Christian-more concerned with being happy than with being holy. O God, give me three wounds. Wound me with a sense of my own sinfulness. Wound me with compassion for the world, and wound me with love of Thee that will keep me always pursuing and always exploring and always seeking and always finding.” – AW Tozer

Friends Blogs and Websites

Bob Landvater

Chris Tingley when he is at ESD

Elizabeth Emma presently at ESD

Jen Blatz (and sometimes Peter)

Kristina Tanner

Leo Salgado no longer at ESD

Mike Dellosso

Steve and Gayle King in Ivory Coast



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musings and amusings

Psalm 143:5 as seen in my little corner of the world